About House of M Productions

House of M Productions is a non profit organization founded by Stephen Koskoletos, Mikayla Santa Maria and Kevin Steven Duran-Guerra. Its mission is to present musicals and theatrical adaptations of works outside of the mainstream media. Thanks to the several productions under Mikey’s and Kevin’s belts, HoM is able to produce its own original content and bring to stage TV shows and movies, all under Stephen’s direction. Rarely straying from its roots in geek culture, HoM is excited to show off its innovative projects with its audiences.

Stephen Koskoletos

Stephen Koskoletos graduated from Concordia University in 2011 with a bachelors of engineering (electrical). He’s been putting his degree to the test in his field, working for a large corporation, here in Montreal. When he was offered the General Director position for House of M, Stephen’s passion for musical theatre and his rich background in geek culture made this an obvious decision for him. Since then, his responsibilities include: the direction of the company, talent, contract and people management, sponsorship programs, and resource management. His detachment from the theatre milieu brings in a fresh perspective on projects that is rare to find in the industry. His tremendous amount of experience has been indispensable in ensuring that House of M's works take off from the drawing pad and make it to the stage.

Kevin Steven Duran-Guerra

As a graduate in Scenography from l’École Supérieur de Théâtre de l’UQAM, Kevin Steven Duran-Guerra gained experience from professionals in the artistic community such as Anick La Bissonière (Set Designer) and  Véronique Borboëne (Costume Designer) to name a few. He also collaborated with Stage Directors such as Nadia Verrucci and Antoine Laprise. In his professional career, Kevin Steven undertook the responsibility of Technical Director and lead sound, lighting, and set design in various theater productions in the Montreal area. He is also the acting Co-Artistic Director of the Phoenix Musical. Some of his works include: Hair (2017, In The Wings Promotion), Philadelphia Highschool (2017, Théâtre Point), La Ferme des Animaux (2017, Pourquoi Pas!), Broadway Lights (2017), Au fond des Bois (2018, Phoenix Musical), Light The Lights: an Evening at the Tonys (2018, Full Circle), and  The Adams Family (2018, WISTA).

Mikayla Santa Maria

Mikayla Santa Maria has worked in the theater since she was five years old. Being a member of community theater groups across Montreal, Mikayla has worked with such associations as the McGill Conservatory Choir, Full Circle Productions, the Hudson Music Club, and the Lyric Theater among others. Mikayla has enjoyed her experience both on stage and off. Notable roles from an Orphan in Annie to Velma Kelly (Chicago), as well as a soloist in reviews and countless performances as an Alto chorus member, At a young age Mikayla decided to learn the production side of the theater. Starting as one of the crew members up to Assistant Stage Manager, Cast Manager and eventually Stage Manager. Mikayla is a veteran of such theaters as Le Grand Théâtre, The Segal Centre for Performing Arts, the Centaur Theater, the Hudson Village theater, the Moyse Hall Theater, and Salle Wilfrid-Pelletier (Place des Arts), among More. Mikayla is proud to have grown up in the theater and has always been interested in the marriage of her two loves: Musical Theater and SciFi. As an Alumnus of the University of Ottawa, Mikayla is proud of her next step as the Administrative Director of House M Productions, their terrific team and spectacular performances to come.

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