Dr. Horrible's Sing Along Blog

December 12 2018

House of M is very proud to present Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog where an aspiring supervillain must balance his career and his pursuit of a beautiful do-gooder. Dr. Horrible has developed a serious following over the years and we are proud to tackle it on as a project and adapt it to the Comiccon stage.

The movie was written by writer/director Joss Whedon, his brothers Zack Whedon, Jed Whedon, and writer/actress Maurissa Tancharoen. The team wrote the musical during the 2007–2008 Writers Guild of America strike. The idea was to create something small and inexpensive, yet professionally done, in a way that would circumvent the issues that were being protested during the strike. The story follows Billy, A.K.A. Dr. Horrible, a budding super-villain whose plans for world domination continually go awry. His two goals: getting accepted into the Evil League of Evil, and working up the guts to speak to his laundromat crush Penny. The only thing standing in his way is Captain Hammer, Billy's superhero arch-nemesis. With one big score, Billy could get into the E.L.E. and earn the respect of Penny, but only if he can keep her away from the dashing Captain Hammer...

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Buffy the Vampire Slayer - Once More With Feeling

June 30 2018

House of M is very proud to present Buffy The Vampire Slayer: Once More with Feeling. The fan-favourite musical episode of everyone’s favourite vampire slaying cheerleader comes to the Montreal Comiccon stage with the help of a powerful, young, ambitious, and artistic group! Fans of Buffy, musical theatre, and the geek community at large are invited to Freeman Theatre on the seventh floor of Palais des congrès to discover the wonderful medley created by this passionate band of performers.

"Once More, with Feeling" is the seventh episode of the sixth season of the supernatural drama television series Buffy the Vampire Slayer (1997–2003) and the only one in the series performed as a musical. It was written and directed by the show's creator, Joss Whedon, and originally aired on UPN in the United States on November 6, 2001. "Once More, with Feeling" explores changes in the relationships of the main characters, using the plot device that a demon—credited as "Sweet" but unnamed in the episode—compels the people of Sunnydale to break into song at random moments to express hidden truths.

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